Unit 1: The Characteristics of Life

What is  Science?

Day 1:

August 12-15

Day 2:

Characteristics  of Life

August 16-17

The Characteristics of Life

The Organization of Life

Day 3: 

Tool & Procedures: 

Microscopes and Scientific Conversions

August 18-19

For optimum viewing experience click here

Understanding Scientific Notation Video

Crash Course: Unit Conversions Video

Day 4: 

Unit 1 Review Material

August 22-30

To review for the exam, we spent Ai/Bi (intervention days) finishing our Hierarchy of Life projects and playing Kahoot, in which we reviewed vocabulary and practiced test questions. I have uploaded the Study Guide and the questions that were on the Kahoot game along with the answers. Please review and take note, these questions WILL NOT be the same questions that are on the exam, so do not try to memorize them verbatim.